Same Sex Engagement in Sicily – Valley of the Temples

Our photographers love engagement season! It’s a great time to get to know our wedding clients before the big day and provide them with some practice in front of the camera while scoring great photos for the save the dates.

We always say to our couples, “it might be awkward… for like the first two minutes! After that I promise we’ll have a blast!’ The people we work with 99% of the time have never had professional photographs taken. You might think you’re alone, but almost everyone says that they are worried they will pull their silly camera face, or that they will freeze in front of a camera. Once we get those first two minutes out of the way, we’ll be golden! Seriously, We work with people just like you all the time and I will act sillier than you and do everything We can to take away those initial nerves.

Sicily has plenty of great places for outdoor shoots to choose from but we are partial to the diveristy of Agrigento locations. This adorable same sex couple chose the Valle of the temples for their shoot, check it out!