Rain in Weddings

Rain in Weddings

Rain on a wedding day in Sicily means good luck!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rain

Have you decided to set the date of your dream wedding in Sicily, because it is a wonderful island where the sun shines all the time? What if ou peek out and the sun is gone and - oh my god! - it's raining? Do. not. worry. Don't you know that rain brings good luck?


Humans seem to be hard wired for superstitious behavior.  

We all have superstitions that we are reluctant to challenge…just in case.  Many are deeply rooted in the traditions handed down through the generations before us, and we don’t even question them. In every culture, there is no life event that holds more superstitious activity than a wedding! As wedding photographers, you can imagine we have seen A LOT of weddings. There is an element of predictability to them all, because even the most wayward, unconventional brides still abide by at least SOME closely held customs and beliefs. And this got me thinking: where did all of these bizarre wedding traditions come from?

So begins a new series for the curious bride: The Top Wedding Superstitions & Traditions Explained.


Rainy on your Wedding Day in Sicily. Good or Bad Luck?

“I pray for rain on my wedding day!” Said NO bride. Ever.

So WHY do we always reassure a nervous bride as she looks out the window at a dark, gloomy day the reasons to want rain on her wedding day? Just to make her feel better? Perhaps a little, but it’s more than that. Our ancestors held the belief that rain on a wedding day brings good luck for 4 symbolic reasons.

wedding day with rain in sicily

Rain symbolizes fertility

Newsflash: No sooner will your wedding guests throw the rice than they will start asking when you are having kids!  Most cultures believe that children are an essential ingredient for a happy marriage and a prosperous life. And since Mother Earth needs rain to grow new life herself, the belief became that a rainy wedding day meant many healthy children for the bride and groom.


Rain is cleansing

Like a rainstorm washes away the dust and dirt on the top of your car, so too should you expect that it will wash away any unhappiness and negativity from your past and allow you move forward into a fresh new chapter of your life. Or so They say.

Rain for unity

Have you ever tried to untie a knot in your shoelaces if you’ve gone splashing in puddles? It’s nearly impossible! Therefore, rain on the day you ‘Tie the Knot’ is good luck because it means that your marriage will be just as solid and binding.

wedding day in sicily

Rainy tears

Here’s my personal favorite: Rain symbolizes tears, so if it rains on her wedding day it will be the last time the bride ever sheds tears!  Whatever the explanation for this strange superstition is, it rained on our wedding day (in Sicily) and we are still living happily ever after!

I don’t doubt that even with this in mind, you are still hoping the sun will shine on your wedding day. But if the forecast is looking gloomy, then here is our advice

bride wedding day taormina

Keep Calm and Ignore The Weatherman. Rainy Wedding in Sicily: Don't panic!

It’s funny how often a friend or family member points out that we have been getting a lot of rain because they see it in our weather forecast.
There have been countless days where I have watched black clouds looming directly overhead, rumbling with thunder promising one heck of a storm, and then — Nothing. Not even a drizzle.
In the same strange way, I have been playing with my son under the blazing sicilian sun when we are suddenly, mysteriously being rained on, with no clouds in sight!
If you plan to get married on the beach in the Sicily Island, Taormina, Capo D'Orlando or the wonderful Sicilian beaches it is best to expect the unexpected with the weather, and just take the forecast with a grain of salt.


Pay with the timeline: - Okay, worst case scenario-

Let’s assume that your wedding day has arrived, and the clouds are threatening rain, the Weatherman is promising rain, and the locals all concur.
Panic sets in.
Listen, the odds are still in your favor that a short burst is all you have to contend with, so consider shuffling the wedding day schedule. Sometimes all it takes it moving the ceremony back an hour or switching the photography timeline to avoid a soggy wedding dress. Talk to your wedding planner, and explore your options. If you have chosen your wedding vendors with care, chances are good they will accommodate you however they can. 

You want to get married on the beach in Sicily.
I get it; you want to feel warm sea breezes on your skin and the late day sun kissing your cheeks, as you exchange vows with your feet buried in the sand.
I know you don’t want to think about your Plan B. You want to focus on the perfection that will be your wedding day, and that’s fine. I’m all about putting those positive vibes out into the universe.
Having a backup plan eliminate a lot of stress for you if you consider a ‘dry wedding’ plan that you can live with. If you know your worst case scenario, then it takes away a whole lot of the stress and worry that comes with planning a wedding outdoors.


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