Surprise proposal Sicily – Wedding in Taormina
Wedding Proposal in Taormina

Surprise proposal Sicily – Wedding in Taormina

Surprise proposal wedding in Sicily

Amazinf proposal in Sicily

Alessandra e Igor came all the way from Varese, North Italy to Sicily in Taormina city for a romantic vacation.

It was a month before their trip that he contacted our team of Foto Event Studio to book a couple photo-session.On his very first thoughts he expressed to us the desire to surprise propose to his girlfriend in the middle of the photo-shoot.
Igor said to us “We just want to be in Taormina and shooting around Corso Umberto centre and walking distance spots.
I plan to surprise propose sometime within the shoot”.
So we start planning the proposal.

This is the Surprise Wedding Proposal in Taormina…

Does it get more romantic than an Engagement photo session in Taormina-Sicily?

An amazing point of view on the sicilian beach.This really is an unique location. It guaranteed a peaceful condition for the couple along with a gorgeous backdrop for my images .

Alessandra knew nothing.I knew their faces and I waited for the start of Igor.

Was a very exciting time for their Surprise wedding proposal in Taormina…. after a long walk around Taormina!!

After location scooting of the photographer the scenario was easy to plan...
We said the scenario to Igor “We will tell her to go in a place there for some photos and that we want to have her looking at the view.
So she will have her back to us and you will walk to her and be on one knee...”
And just like that, this romantic couple photography during the breathtaking Sicily's Sunset turned to one of beautiful proposal!

There are many locations in a city like in Taormina that offer a good background for a marriage proposal or a surprise wedding proposal. This can be a simple sicilian alleyway street or a major landmarks.

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