The leopard Themed Wedding in Sicily – Angela e Nicola

The leopard Themed Wedding in Sicily – Angela e Nicola

The Leopard Wedding theme in Sicily

Wedding is a unique and unrepeatable event, and if you choose a theme to live it in a particular way, it is truly a unique occasion. The Leopard wedding theme this is the desire of the sweet "Angela" heroine of this story, just like "Angelica" protagonist of the novel.

In Sicily, it is the echo of the Leopard, a world-famous novel, written by Tomasi di Lampedusa, which echoes during the elegant and dreamy wedding organized by  Fabiola Vizzini Wedding Planner Wedding Planner for our spouses Angela and Nicola, and edited by the kitchen of La Torre Catering and by chef Pietro La Torre in the picturesque setting of  Casale La Lumia  in Canicatt√¨.

The theme of the Leopard and of Sicily, therefore, for this wedding, also loved by the two Dolce & Gabbana designers, who have chosen Palma di Montechiaro as the location for their art.

"And Eros was always with them, mischievous and tenacious, the game in which he dragged the two boyfriends was full of hazards and spell.

Both of them very close to childhood took pleasure in the game itself, enjoyed chasing each other, getting lost, finding each other again; but when they reached their sharp senses they took the upper hand and his five fingers that got stuck in her fingers, with the gesture dear to the undecided sensuals, the gentle rubbing of the fingertips on the pale veins of the back, disturbed all their being , foreshadowed more insinuated caresses ....

... Once in a bright and cold morning it trembled in its still summer dress; on a sofa covered in cloth in tatters he held her to warm him; her odorous breath waved his hair on his forehead; and they were ecstatic and painful moments, during which the desire became torment, the brakes in turn, delight. "

A wedding in Sicily, with a very special theme, taken with 4 hands, with his colleague and friend  Riccardo Richiusa in his week of travel in the wonderful Agrigento.

The wedding is glamorous and elegant, surrounded by the scent of flowers and the soft light of candles that flooded the wonderful Angela as the protagonist of the Leopard in a  Majorca Showroom dress.

The groom, who arrived for the occasion together with friends and relatives from Calabria, was very excited and waited for the arrival of his "Angelica" at the altar of the imposing mother church of Palma di Montechiaro.

The location with the outdoor garden full of lights was truly the ideal environment, where La Torre catering could indulge in creating delicacies, for guests, cheered by  Leandro Renzi Violinista. 

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