Getting Married in Sicily

Getting Married in Sicily

Getting Married in Sicily

Choosing to escape the unpredictable weather by jetting off with your nearest and dearest will be a decision that you won't regret. But why Sicily? Choosing getting married in Sicily is the best thing you can do Well, Sicily is gorgeus, full of history, authentic to the bone, vibrant, colorful, its people are the most welcoming and it's kissed by the sun almost all year around! What more could you want? A wedding in Taormina!

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But what's the point in getting all the way here if you don't get a good photographer to remind you how picturesque and perfect and beautiful your days were? A good photographer is the key to remember your wedding days in Taormina for the rest of your life, with all the colors and emotions still vivid even when your own sense of memory begin to fade.

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Truly, no photo can really do it justice; Sicily is something you need to see first hand and experience yourself: Little tiny roads winding and clinging to the flowery cliffs of Taormina, surrounded by bright explosions of purple and red Bougainvillea. The Taormina main square is an idyllic setting for your catholic or civil wedding. Everywhere you look, it's just green, blue, sky and sea.

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Numerous national and international publications crown us as one of Sicily best wedding photographers. As you can see from our photos, we manage to capture each couple's love perfectly against the romantic backdrop that this Sicilian heaven has to offer.

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According to us, wedding photography should celebrate the love, like the wedding itself. Each photo of your wedding in Taormina should be nostalgic, evoking that same affection and admiration fueling the very moment, just with one glance at the photo album.

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As professionals, Foto Event photography style focuses on the spontaneity and the natural, and it aims to go unnoticed throughout the ceremony and reception so as not to affect the natural conduct of the day. But we're flexible with what we can do, especially when you need us for those artistic poses of just you and your loved one simply taking in the view or embracing romantically.

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Getting married in Sicily, or getting married in Taormina, with us as your photographer, will allow you to experience the charm and warm hospitality of Sicily and southern Italy. For your wedding reception in Sicily you can find everything, like luxurious coastal villas with flower gardens and splendid terraces, or historical mansions or even medieval castles! The cuisine and regional wines are superb; you and your guest will savor the authentic flavors of the sun and the sea.


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