Getting married in 2020: covid edition

Getting married in 2020: covid edition

 Wedding during Covid period!

A wedding during a world pandemic? It can be done.

When love is stronger than anything. Love is the only thing that counts. Love is the only thing that is needed. Love is the only thing that remains.


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We have known Noemi since she was a child and she is a sunny and full of life, and she decided to get married on May 29th, (my birthday ed.), then Covid locked us in the house and our brides dreamed of marriage from the windows. Noemi, together with Salvatore, moved the wedding several times until October.
Only 48 hours before their special day, the announcement by President Conte that he would give another tightening of our lives.
A marriage granted only to a few intimate people, surrounded by their closest affections. It is difficult to reschedule everything when so little time is left, it would probably have been easier to cancel everything. But our spouses are tenacious, Noemi is an overwhelming force and Salvatore is his sun.

The Wedding: a special day!

The meaning of our life is love, love lived to the end. Only in love can we find those sparks of light that tear the darkness of non meaning. When we get married we take everything else. We welcome its past by welcoming its merits and its defects that have been shaped in its history. We welcome his present by giving ourselves completely and we welcome his future because we promised to love him until the end of our lives without conditions or limits.

And this is how our spouses have chosen. They have decided to welcome each other and surrender to Love totally taking the great step before God, despite all limitations.
Marriage, such a special day of love.

We are a drop in the ocean of time. The entire universe in a single fragment. We are a drop in the ocean. This is the love of the bride and groom. A small drop expresses well the love that man is capable of giving. It is the sacrament of marriage that allowed Noemi and Salvatore to dive into the ocean of God’s love. A small drop but acquires the strength and greatness of the whole ocean. In them there is the love of God. The infinite in the finiteness of two creatures.

And Noemi was radiant, in her white dress as she crossed the threshold of the church of St. Anthony, among the tears of emotion of Salvatore. The mass celebrated by Don Carmelo, a friend of the couple, was truly felt by everyone.

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Mettimi come sigillo sul tuo cuore, come sigillo sul tuo braccio;
perché forte come la morte è l’amore,
tenace come gli inferi è la passione.

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