Wedding in Lampedusa, Sicily by Foto Event Studio

Wedding in Lampedusa, Sicily by Foto Event Studio

Wedding in Lampedusa, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea - photographed by Foto Event Studio.


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More and more municipalities are gearing up and allowing couples to realize this dream lulled by the waves. Even in Sicily it is possible and there are many foreigners and Italians who choose our beaches.
Finish the bureaucratic procedures and request permission, and then just choose the hotel where you can organize the ceremony and also the reception to follow.
This is what Letizia and Dino did when they chose to celebrate their wedding in Lampedusa

After so many years together, they decided to crown their dream of love with a wedding in the splendid Sicilian setting of Lampedusa.
A special island, a magical island, which united the couple and their love for the sea.

The sea, the sun, a special day for a wedding on the southernmost island of Italy.

One day in September, full of sunshine and without a breeze, was the stage in the beautiful little square near the Guitgia beach; an intimate ceremony, a very special beach wedding, with the smell of salt and the sound of the waves making a soundtrack to their promises.

Together with friends, the groom and the bride, on this perfect day where the rain was only a threat, moved to the suggestive swimming pool of the Cupola Bianca of Lampedusa where, accompanied by music, they celebrated all evening with great food and a cheerful and romantic atmosphere.

The starfish are protagonists of this wedding, for the hairstyle of the bride, for the lace dress, for the cake and even for the wedding ring cushion.

The dress of the bride was created by herself and by the maid of honor  and even the father of the bride, who accompanied her to the altar, was visibly moved.
The tears of Dino the groom moved everyone, us photographers included. It was all really intense.

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