Castello di Falconara – Charming Wedding Gae e Fede

Castello di Falconara – Charming Wedding Gae e Fede

Castle of Falconara Luxury Charming Wedding - Sicily photographer

Castello di Falconara in Sicily is a perfect location for an emotional wedding. Elegant. Luxury.

In a sunny day amazing place for a wedding in Sicily at Castello di Falconara. We have known these newlyweds since they were children. We have seen them grow up and achieve their successes.


The groom, a truly successful soccer player. The bride Federica, a beautiful and sensual woman who served as a model for our photographic studio, little more than a child, because of her incredible resemblance to the actress Claudia Cardinale in the film "The Leopard", a very important film for us in Palma di Montechiaro, because it tells of our city.

Both the bride and groom grew up near us, in two wonderful families, and when they told us they were getting married and wanted us to be their photographers, we couldn't help but be really pleased.

They chose a truly evocative location, that of the Castle of Falconara, a luxury location, managed by an exceptional caterer Zaliclò Charming and Gourmet. The wedding day was truly magnificent, the beautiful bride in a Floral Bridal dress from the Majorca Showroom ateliere, the groom in an elegant Armani suit.

Everyone had fun, they danced, accompanied by the music of violinist Francesco Nicolosi, they laughed, they hugged each other, forgetting for a few moments the bad period that the Covid was making us live.
The radiant happiness of the couple was reached by our cameras and the songs chosen for their video accompanied them to tell their emotions.


Special thanks for music, spouses's Friend Piero Barone 

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