Mazara del Vallo Wedding in Love

Mazara del Vallo Wedding in Love


A wedding in the beautiful city of Mazara del Vallo. Love always wins, above all else.


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When Brigida and Vincenzo contacted us, they asked us to do something different, for their wedding in Mazara del Vallo they wanted photos that would tell the lightheartedness, after two dark years due to the covid, that would tell their love lightly. Their love at first sight. They talked to us about their history, how their eyes met. In the video they asked us to do it with just one song, which was also their song “At first sight” by Shakalab: for us it was a challenge.

Combining the sacredness of the church with the lightness of the day in a single sound is not at all easy. Especially on the wedding day.

The wedding in Mazara del Vallo, such a special day of love

“If it is true that there is no way since love binds us we see that then you and I should understand that nothing is impossible ..”

And nothing was impossible for our two spouses, a rainy day transformed into a splendid sunny morning, enchanting Mazara del Vallo with its sea, a perfect location like Parco degli Aranci. The radiant bride in a dress bought by “Belgioioso’s bride”. A suggestive animation, with a dancer inside a sphere. All perfect.

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“The tenderness of your gaze and your sweetness held us in an eternal embrace that took us away”

Bride Brigida Mirasolo
Foto e Video Foto Event Studio
Location sposo Baglio Calia

“La tenerezza dello sguardo e la dolcezza tua ci strinse in un abbraccio eterno che ci port√≥ via”

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