Wedding Castle Chiaramonte

Wedding Castle Chiaramonte

Wedding Castle Chiaramonte in Sicily

Wedding in Castle Chiaramonte in Sicily

The castle location, an ideal place for a princely wedding, was built in the 14th century. 

The origin of the fort is Arab. It was Frederick Chiaramonte who rebuilt it and gave it splendour. In 1311, with great pomp and circumstance, the second marriage between Federico's only daughter, Costanza, and the Genoese nobleman Brancaleone Doria, who became governor of Sardinia in 1335, was celebrated in the castle. Numerous marriages and noble agreements were celebrated in the castle, encouraged by an ancient belief that the pacts concluded on the 'Rocca di Siculiana' were blessed by Providence. 

Imma and Davide's wedding celebrated on a hot August day at the chiaramonte castle in Sicily: a breathtaking location where the bride and groom swore eternal love together with their friends and relatives.

How did the bride and groom find us?

Sometimes life is really strange: we have known Davide since childhood, we watched him grow up, we grew up in the same building. Imma, his bride, came into our lives shortly afterwards, and together the two crowned their dream

Davide and Imma's wedding was a very heartfelt and emotional one, and to be there and tell the story we went through a thousand ups and downs.

What an emotion!

The bride Imma is really elegant and her smile is radiant, as shown by the reportage photos taken with extreme simplicity. 

Ceremony celebrated in the magnificent cathedral of Agrigento was truly heartfelt, by all relatives and friends. The priest, who knew the bride and groom well, did not spare jokes about them both.

There was much laughter... and much weeping.

With friends and relatives looking lovingly at the bride and groom, the notes of beautiful sacred music resounded in the air

Location Castello Chiaramonte
Catering Turitalia
Bride Dress Gallarate sposa
Make up Artist Maria Pia N. Makeup

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