Surprise engagement photo shoot in Sicily

Surprise engagement photo shoot in Sicily

Surprise engagement photo shoot in Sicily

A romantic surprise engagement photo shoot organised by the lucky groom-to-be! Looking for ideas for your next beach wedding proposal? Wondering how to coordinate with an engagement photographer to capture the moment on camera? Take inspiration from Kalo, read on!

Surprise engagement photo shoot

Kalo knew he wanted a romantic beach proposal for Amber and knew he wanted it to be a surprise, so he started laying the groundwork early. First he organised the diversion (an important part of making the surprise happen) and put it into his girlfriend's head that they should have a romantic dinner somewhere special.

Then he asked for our help and we immediately started with the organisation. After all, there was never any doubt that this magical beach wedding proposal had to be captured on camera. We started planning with Kalo, waiting for the moment and creating the perfect story to tell Amber so she wouldn't suspect a thing.

We arrived well in advance and thanks to our accomplice Annalisa, photographer and yoga teacher, we prearranged a small set on the beach as if we were doing something else.
Everything was ready! We were so ready and excited for their arrival!

Surprise engagement photo - romantic engagement photos in Sicily

Proposal on the beach!

Kaló arrived and asked the club's waitress to take a picture of them for Instagram where Ambra with her back to him held out her hand. That's how the surprise started, he got down on one knee, Ambra was speechless and we turned our lenses to them, coming out to photograph the happiest couple I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their smiles grew as the minutes passed, as the shock wore off and left room only for pure joy! By the time we finished shooting, just after sunset, my cheeks were hurting from smiling, and I wasn't even in front of the camera!
We were also shaking like children with tears in our eyes in front of that pure joy.... it was wonderful!

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