Wedding reportage in Sicily

Matrimonio americano alla scala dei Turchi

Wedding Reportage in Sicily

Growing Up with Laura: A Photographic Journey through Special Moments

Getting to know Laura since childhood has been a privilege that only photography can bestow. From a little ballerina to a radiant bride, every happy moment of her life has been captured by our lenses.

An Infectious Joy from the First Shot!

The joy on Laura and Giuseppe's wedding day was contagious, starting from the first shot! The preparation at Giuseppe's home was a series of toasts, surrounded by dear friends, witnesses, and relatives. Laura, stunning in a Giorni Felici Sposa dress, headed to La Corte dei Mori where Giuseppe eagerly awaited. The touching ceremony, with words from friends and Francesca, made that moment unforgettable.

A Romantic Photo Session in the Tourist Harbor of Licata

After a romantic couple photo session in the nearby tourist harbor of Licata, the reception was enlivened by the talented violinist Leandro Renzi and his team. The excellent cuisine of Zaliclò Charme & Gourmet made everything perfect.

Emotions That Withstand Time

Lights, sounds, emotions, up to the fireworks for the cake cutting... an indelible day. After the wedding, Laura's grandfather passed away. Joy seemed to be swept away by sadness, but true emotions cannot be erased. Editing the photos was a journey into the past, reliving the joy, the love of the two spouses, and the affection of the grandfather.

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