Where we can find reviews about your studio?

You can find plenty of reviews about us on Facebook.

Have you won any awards?

Short Answer: yes, we have.

Long answer: in the last ten or so years, we have won a number of national and international awards, features ena press articles about our works. We are proud members of some national associations of wedding photographers, such as ANFM (Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio), Tau Visual – Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti, and some international such as Fearless Photographer and Weva pro (wordwide event Videographer Association) and least but not last, ISPWP (IOnternational Society of Professional Wedding Photographers).

What is your photography style?

Mainly reportage, which means photographing and telling the story of the wedding as it happens, without disturbing too much, so as to leave you free to enjoy the day, without thinking about our presence, but instead having fun with your friends and relatives. 
But if during the day you would like to make some pictures in pose, no problem! We can do that as well.

Can you make a video of the event?

Yes. Videographers work in our studio, and their shots are in line with our photographic style. The whole photo and videographic team makes use of a great mutual understanding, without interfering with each other’s work, by moving with discretion and silence during the ceremony and creating a unique feeling with the couples.

Often in your photographs and in the video we see smiles, hugs, dances, emotions and entertainment. Are you able to capture these moments or are all your marriages so fun and exciting?

The photographer and the videographer tell what happens during your day: if you are excited, on that day your photos will reflect that emotion and that involvement; if you dance and you have fun enjoying the moment everything will come out in the final photos. This is why we often remind our spouses to behave as if we were not there: stiff poses, static photos, forced smiles or too many looks in the room do not serve at all, it is better to be natural!

In which areas of Italy do you work? Are you willing to move abroad?

Our working base is Sicily, but we are available for transfers to Italy and abroad.
We have created photographic and videographic services in different European capitals (London, Paris, Berlin and Marseilles) and we hope to go farther and farther.

How many hours can you work during our event?

The day is entirely dedicated to the couple, often begins with the preparations and ends with confetti and greetings. Typically we tend not to exceed 12 hours, to avoid additional costs and avoid that someone could collapse to the ground from fatigue. We too are human.

How long should we wait before seeing the service?

Delivery times vary from 3 to 6 months, depending on the period in which your wedding takes place.

Who will select the images to be used for the album?

Generally, we do that. For all types of albums we offer a page layout made by us, which can be viewed in the studio or in PDF. During these meetings you can search for some substitutive images or change the layout.

Help, I have a pimple! Do you make photo-retouching?

Generally, the post-production work that we do on selected images includes a light photo-retouch, we correct any pimples, scratches, momentary imperfections, but for every special need (a scar, for example) you can talk to us and we will try to help you. Remember, however, that your partner loves you as you are.

Can we ask for specific photos or photos with special people during the day of our wedding?

Absolutely, yes. If you have specific requests for group photos with friends and relatives we will be happy to make them, if you want to be sure that all important people in your life appear in at least one photograph.

We have chosen you for our wedding, how can we book the date?

You can book the service by sending a message via Facebook or through our contact form, by telephone at +39 0922 969815 or by sending an email to info@fotoevent.it.
It will be our concern after your request, to contact you as soon as possible.

Can we come to the studio before booking?

Naturally! A chat with the bride and groom to get to know each other and let you know our products is absolutely recommended. You can visit us in the studio in Palma di Montechiaro (AG) or use Skype if you are far away.

Will your studio make the photographs and video of our wedding?

Yes, we do not delegate our work to third parties, even if sometimes we have collaborators who help us. In any case we are always present during the event, and we personally manage all the post-production.

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